Núñez Initiative: Social Change Through the Choral Arts

Seeking to further effect social change for young people among choral educators, Francisco J. Núñez has created an initiative for social change through the choral arts, a new venture that will bring together a small and specialized group of arts and music education leaders to examine ways of transforming young people's lives. The initiative will comprise experts from non-profit arts organizations, youth development groups, and specialists from the fields of music education, social science, publishing, and choral conducting, convening on a regular basis, broaching a variety of subjects, including community building, curriculum design, membership diversity, choral literacy, artistic excellence, new music, cross-disciplinary programming, and social change. Experts and key advisors will work to develop an innovative strategy to promote social advocacy to choral conductors and music teachers across the nation, bringing attention to the plight of children from diverse backgrounds from poor to rich. The Núñez Initiative will periodically share its results through national channels, reaching various programs and universities across the country.