Núñez Initiative: Social Change Through the Choral Arts

Seeking to further effect social change for young people among choral educators, Francisco J. Núñez has created an initiative for social change through the choral arts, a new venture that will bring together a small and specialized group of arts and music education leaders to examine ways of transforming young people's lives. Click here to read full description.

Current Projects

Love Will Let Me Live

These are the children of Orfanato Niños de Cristo, an orphanage in La Romana, Domincan Republic. Composers Francisco J. Núñez and Jim Papoulis, and a group of arts and music education leaders recently visited the children of Orfanato Niños de Cristo, a project of the Núñez Initiative. Click here and read the full description to learn more

Seymour: An Introduction

As a supporter, Francisco J. Núñez contributes to a warmhearted documentary portrait directed by Ethan Hawke of pianist Seymour Bernstein and his lifelong devotion to his art. Click here to read more

Foundation for Small Voices

Mr. Núñez frequently collaborates with the Foundation for Small Voices, dedicated to using music to cross cultural, generational, and ideological boundaries to raise awareness and funds for national and international music and mentoring programs for children.  Projects include several recordings of holiday music, the sales of which are helping to support the foundation. The recordings include three singles -- Share the Joy, What is Christmas of, and I Wish -- and CoolSide of Yuletide, an entire album of traditional and new holiday music, highlighted by How Many Christmases, featuring Rosanne Cash and the voices of thousands of choristers from 10 countries brought together for just this occasion.  The recordings are all available on iTunes by clicking here.