Press Highlights


Gettysburgian, College Announces Honorary Degree Recipients, April 2018

Musical America, 2018 Educator of the Year: Francisco J. Núñez, October 2017

Musical America, MA 30 The Influencers: Francisco J. Núñez, December 2015

New York Times, Two Chosen ‘Geniuses’ Reflect on Label, October 2011

Feature Story

ABC7NY, Kids From All Different NYC Boroughs Come Together For One Purpose: To Sing, September 2018

The Harmonizer, Singing Changes Lives, Nov/Dec 2016

Mostly Mozart

The New York Times, Review: A Youthful Experiment Kicks Off Mostly Mozart, July 2017

Voche Di Meche, Mozart and Then Some, July 2017

Transient Glory

I Care If You Listen, 5 Questions to Francisco Núñez, October 2016

New York Times, Transient Glory Symposium, February 17, 2012

Huffington Post, More Music Please.  February 7, 2012